Thursday, April 23, 2009

Voices Recorded in Hell - Is it Real?

Do you believe in HELL? where it is? Is it a real place or symbolical? Bible talks about hell several times. But I would like to share you this true to life experience of scientist named Dr. Azzavoc from Russia who doesnt believe in God, in bible and hell. Until what they discovered upon drilling in to the Earth as a geological scientist.

Dr. Azzavoc said
"As a communist I don’t believe in heaven or the Bible but as a scientist I now believe in hell," said Dr. Azzacove. "Needless to say we were shocked to make such a discovery. But we know what we saw and we know what we heard. And we are absolutely convinced that we drilled through the gates of hell!"

This is really creepy...grabe its up to you if you believe it or not...

If you like to know more you can visit this one


  1. grabe oi. nanlimbawt akong balhibo. murag tinood gyud cguro ning mga butanga ba. dili ba kaha naka kalot sila og karaan nga radio ddto sa ilalom.

  2. nakakakilabot naman to. pero hindi ako taagang naniniwala.

  3. may ntwa p grabe naman


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