Monday, April 13, 2009

Mousehunt Mice: The Lady Ones?

I'm kinda bored and it came up to my mind that i should post the female mices in the Mousehunt Game. Geez im really hooked in this one, an addicting game ^.^

I'm not sure thought if this are all lady mices >.>

Feel free to add if you got something.

Master of the Cheese Claw Mouse

Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods Mouse

Elven Princess Mouse

Black Widow Mouse

Gorgon Mouse

Assassin Mouse

Fairy Mouse


  1. how about the white mice? The spectre? and the glitchpaw. Someone told me that they were ladies. ;))

  2. @Ronald: oh the white mouse? i don't think so..its kinda more on child mice...and the spectre? that an ugly one if shes a lady no offense :P but i was thinking how about the ghost mouse? .......

    Lastly the glitchpaw? maybe not maybe yes...thanks for bringing this up... >.>

  3. wow! really? they are ladies? hope I can catch all of them one day.


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