Friday, February 6, 2009

I had a dream last night, its about you...

*ehem* Till now i was still a little bit of confuse or should i say i keep on wondering why i dreamed last night to a certain pretty lady.

Uhmm maybe i was just thinking about her lately? * yea i guess* haha

Honestly i kinda' like her, i dunno if she feels the same towards me. *how i wish she does* :P

I never thought she's that sweet and alluring. * sa dream*

So nice kasi sa dream she's been a good company, i was having a fun with her. *can't wait to do that in real world with her* hihihih

Ohh well, that's it...just want to share and for the sake of posting new content..hahaha

Ciao, peace out! ^.^\m/


I do really like you! *blush*


  1. ui......damgo2 na pud....kinsa man na imong dream girl?

  2. akong dreamgirl? well...hihihi i'll keep it nlng...she's nearby. hehe

  3. english mn lage nih dareh doh? hahahaha! dream2 n jY ka krn ha.. ehe

  4. @Joana: pasagdi lng gud ng inglis nako woie...hihihi

    lagi atay kau cgeg rakog dream karon oie..paitah!

  5. oi, musta naman ang akong amigo sa day duh. tsk tsk tsk. kinsa diay nah imong gidream migo. kuyawa noh? haha.

    kinsa kaha nah si dream girl noh? cge lang migo. dili lang lage nah sa damgo kutob.weeeeeeee

  6. @Chai: oi miga, tenchu sa pag comment oki rami dwe oie...mejo sad lng kay ni balhin nmn ka evening dili na tika ma samok..hihihi

    ows dili lng sa damgo kutob? wow ka gilok oie! *grin*


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