Monday, January 19, 2009

Sony Rolly - The Dancing Mp3 Player

What is Sony Rolly?
It was a robotic music player made by Sony which look like an egg shaped they combined music functions with robotic dancing.

It has motors that allow it to rotate and spin, as well as two bands of LED lights running around its edge and cup-like wings or some called it arms which can open and close on either end, all of which can be synchronized to the music being played.

Sound-sensitivity components detect beat, rhythm, voice and pitch, which can be used to have the device automatically react to music.Preprogammed movements along with music can be downloaded from personal computers using Bluetooth, having been composed on the computer or obtained from Sony's repository of user-made movement schemes.
It has two gigabytes of flash memory to store music files.

The Rolly is motion-controlled, having sensors that know which way is up.
You can play with the volume by turning the player clockwise or anti-clockwise, and you can skip or repeat tracks by either rolling the player forwards or backwards, or shaking it. You can download dance moves to the Rolly, but there will also be software available to allow you to make up your own Rolly moves on your computer.

The Rolly from Sony is all about fun.It is essentially a robotic MP3 playing robot that dances to the music you play. It comes with Rolly Choreographer software to create your own motions and even share them online with others. But if you don’t want to create your own it comes with an Auto and Self Motion modes which will analyze the music and create the type of style dance you request. It also comes with Bluetooth streaming,

What makes it great?

  • 5 hour battery life
  • 2GB of storage
  • Got Clear Sound *high quality speakers with 180 degree baffle effect.
  • Transportable
  • A New Experience
  • So cute and it dance
  • It's For everyone
  • Can connect to PC/Laptop
  • Imagination and Creation *for downloadable Rolly new moves, depends upon the sound*
  • Streamed Music with Bluetooth

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  1. this new stuff looks very cool...
    i can see that it will be very successful in the market...
    2gb is high but it will be more considerable if its memory expandable....


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