Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 Calendar - Get it while its HOT!

Thanks to Ronald the 2009 issue Calendar is out now.

We would like also to give credit Ms Kathleen Hermosa for the fascinating pose.

-Limited Edition-

For reservation kindly contact Mr. Jigs

Special Thanks to:

Blue Carabao* formerly known as Kabawan ni Manong sa Obrero*
Angel Funeral for make-up.
U.K.A.Y2 for outfit.


  1. Wow this is absolutely amazing! the models are very cool despite the hot atmosphere. I guess they will eventually become the most promising actors in the entertainment industry today. Nice post cob. I'm gonna grab this calendar!

    nyahehe. char lang.

  2. @Ronald: yea i think so..they will be the biggest star ever..IF! if and only if dili na uso ang salida! ahaha

    @Jigs: uo bugoy ko parehas ta! apir choi be! ahahaha


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